Managing & Updating NameServers

For any domain registered with Elive, the default NameServers on the domain are as follows:


To manage the DNS records, you need to login to our DNS management portal at
If the nameservers are set on the domain correctly , the list of name servers show up in Green in the zone panel.
If the nameservers are set to point elsewhere, then they show in Red, and this means that any zone changes made in our DNS Portal will not take effect.

Updating NameServers:

Should you wish to update your NameServers on any domain registered with Elive, this is done in your Client Portal at

In your Client Portal, go to the Domains tab, and select 'My Domains'. Use the drop arrow at the right side of each domain listed to select 'Manage NameServers'

You can then update the DNS NameServers on your domain.

NB** Please note that changes to DNS Servers can take 24-48 hours for propagation to the rest of the world's DNS servers. This is not something imposed by Elive and we have no control over it. 3rd Party DNS server refresh rates are not under our control.

Managing Externally Registered Domains:

If you have domains registered with another provider, but would prefer to manage them in our simple and fast DNS Portal, we have a package available to allow you to do this. A 25 domain pack is only €50 + vat p.a. and you have full control to add and remove domains directly in our DNS Portal. Order it now here

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