In your online Scanning Interface, there is a section for WhiteList & BlackList Options.

In here you can add email addresses and domain names to either list.

To Whitelist a specific email address, simply add the full address, one entry per line. EG:

To Whitelist all domains from a particular domain, just add the domain name without the user and @ symbol EG:

Remember, Whitelisting only affects emails that might be classed as Spam. Any email with potentially dangerous content or a virus will still be stopped.

You can use the Configuration Options to allow certain emails such as ones with HTML Scripts or iFrames, but this will affect all emails to your domain, so makes the scanning less secure.

Tip: to see why an email was stopped, click the 'i' button on the listing to bring up a popup with details on the email.


To BlackList an email or domain you can similarly add the email address or domain, one per line, to the Blacklist section. This will stop all emails from that domain/address. Adding a domain to your blacklist will result in you no longer receiving email from that domain. It take around 30 minutes to take effect and the domain blacklisted does NOT receive any messages or bounced email alerts.

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