To update the DNS servers on any domain registered with Elive, please login to your client Billing Area at

Once logged in, go to Domains, and then click the down arrow to the right of the domain you want to update. This will bring out a submenu and choose Manage Nameservers.

You can set the DNS Servers your require there.

** Please note, some Registrys require that the name servers you enter are already Authorative over the domain (that it is fully setup on them beforehand). If the domain is not setup properly, then the update will fail.

Once you have updated DNS servers, please allow for up to 72 hours for third party DNS resolvers to drop their cache and obtain the new records.
Elive have no control over this process, as it is up to other DNS servers when the change propagates to them.

Should you have any problems, please email your request to

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