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If you have received an email alerting you to the bandwidth usage limits on your hosting account, Do Not Worry !

This email is simply an information message to highlight the level of usage on your site.

Your hosting will not be affected or stop, and you will not incurr extra charges.

Elive set generous limits on our hosting packages, suitable to 99% of our clients. If you are consistantly using over your limit, we will contact you about upgrading to a higher package.

Usage limits enable you and us to monitor high traffic sites, so that our servers run at optimum performance.

It also helps to identify sites that suddenly go over usage limits as this usually means a technical problem or a website that has been hacked.

Many other hosting providers offer extra-ordinarily high limits, which offer no benefit to clients, as they will never come anywhere near those usage limits, but also means that clients would never know if their website has been hacked. High usage sites also take over server resources, meaning other clients suffer from degraded performance.

By monitoring proper usage limits, Elive can provide you with improved services and support and gives you an added level of peace of mind, knowing Elive are looking after your online presence.

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