If you are getting errors like 0x800ccc91 or cannot connect, you can try the following :


  1. Make sure you are connected to the internet, and can view webpages. If not, then please contact your broadband/connection provider
  2. Restart your computer. It is common for your email program to have an internal error and is not connecting out and only a computer restart will fix it. This is very common with Microsoft Outlook
  3. Check you can access your email via your online webmail interface
  4. Disable the email scanning section of any Antivirus program you have installed. these programs cause most connection issues as they sit between your email program and our server can cause issues.
  5. If you are getting a specific error code, then Google search that code. Most often the first few documents will give you the answer.
If you are still having problems, please open a support ticket.
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