How to transfer my Domain Name

If you want to transfer yor domain name renewal to Elive, please follow the relevant instructions here

.COM .NET .EU etc (gTLD's)
For most common domains TLD's such as .com, .net, .eu, .org etc, you will need to request an EPP Code for your domain from your current provider. You also need to request that your domain is unlocked.
You may be able to do this from within your current hosting control panel.
Once we have this code, we can apply to have the domain transferred to us. Usually this will involve at least one email being received by the current admin contact for the domain to authorise the transfer.
It can take 4-7 days for a trasnfer to go through.
You can also use this code in our online ordering process using the transfer option.
Elive cannot get this EPP code for you from your current provider.

You will need to request a Transfer Auth Code from your current provider. Once this is issued , it has a 2 week expiry, so needs to be used during that time.
Provide this to us and we will issue a trasnfer request. Typically the domain will transfer within a few hours.
You can also use this code in our online ordering process using the transfer option.
Elive cannot get this Auth code for you from your current provider.

In this case you will need to apply to your current provider to have your domain Re-Tagged to our Tag ELIVE-IE

How to transfer your domain AWAY from Elive
You can request your EPP Code, Auth Code or ReTag your domain from within our client portal at
Alternatively email your request to
Elive do not charge any hidden fees for transferring your domain away from Elive.

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