What happens if I let my Domain Name Expire

Your domain name needs to be renewed, typically every year, except for .uk domains, which are every 2 years.

Elive will issue you with a renewal invoice 28 days before your domain comes due for renewal outlining the costs involved.

We will then issue reminders 12 and 2 day before expiry and 2 days after expiry.

Most domains will stop resolving DNS records on the day they expire or within 2-3 days

.ie, .uk and .co.uk domains can be renewed for up to 60 days after expiry, at which time, they will be be cancelled and are open to others to register.

All other domains  can be renewed for up to 30 days after expiry without incurring extra fees,
After this, they will go into a Redemption Phase, during which a premium fee will apply should you wish to renew them.
After a furher 60 days , they will then be cancelled and open for others to register the domain.

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